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Smart Card Technology

Contact Smart Card

        The card is attached with a microchip, the silicon is
located beneath the contact silver or gold contact plate.
The card has to be inserted into the POS, EDC or ATM
reader to make contact with the reader head.

Contactless Smart Card

        The inside of the card is embedded with microchip
and antenna coil that is invisible by naked eyes.
The card communicates with the card reader through
radio wave frequency in determined distance. It may
be Proximity card or Vicinity card depending on the card.

Contact and Contactless Smart Card

        Contact and Contactless Smart Card – can be classified into 2 types including Dual Interface Card and Hybrid Card.

Dual Interface Card

        Dual Interface Card consisting of both
        Contact and Contactless feature in one chip.

Hybrid Card | Multi-Technology Card

        Hybrid Card (Multi-Technology Card) is the card
consisting of separated between Contact and
Contactless chip onto a card.Hybrid Card commonly
integrates more than two usability properties to be
located on the same card, also possibly comprising
of Magnetic Stripe Attachment and Bar Code Printing
on the card depending on usability need and individual
customer requirement.

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