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Educational Products and Services

The company provides publications printing service for the examination and national educational measurement both all levels education test and examinations for recruitment to government agencies, and private companies. Our company has professional and experts who can provide complete advices on printing technology and documents being suited to each customer, under strictly security and reliable system.

            1. Examination Paper and Security
                        • Maximum security protection and strictly controls.
                        • Technology to check the accuracy precisely. Reliable in every step of production, packaging, until deliver
                           to the examination room.
                        • There is specific area for only one-stop production in the same area.
                        • CCTV cameras and other surveillance systems to ensure the reliable security, control and prevention system.
                        • Access Control at various points along with 24 hour security on guard.
                        • Working Flexibility. Ready to adapt the system to meet customer’s requirement appropriately and effective.

            2. Answer Sheet and Personalization
                        • Provide design and answer sheet printing according to customer’s requirement.
                        • Provide answer sheet printing on both normal type when the candidates are required to fill in their own information
                          on the paper, and the personalized sheets when all information of the candidates are pre-printed,
                          such as candidate’s Name, Seat number, Subject code and etc.
                        • Use high-quality paper, suitable for OMR answer sheet reading which is convenient, quick, and precise.
                        • High capacity and enable on large quantity printing.

            3. Exam Answer Sheet Packing
                        • The examination and answer sheets can be separately packed as per customer's data.
                        • Destination label, classify by the customer data will be applied to make sure the exam and answer sheets will be
                          delivered to the examination room properly without any mistake.

            4. Documentation Management
                        • We provide examination related document i.e. the chart of seats, summary chart, and delicate chart, list of candidates’
                          name put on board in the examination place and examination room, signature check list as well as other related
                          documentation in full service.

            5. Delivery to the Examination Center
                        • Available for all regions delivery simultaneously to meet customer’s requirement.
                        • A security system in transportation to destination.

Moreover, we also provides services related to the full range of services starting from online Application and Registration Service, OMR Reading and Data Processing Service together with all report preparation, Examination Document Management, Educational Document Printing such as degree certificate, and transcript.

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