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The Company is the largest plastic card manufacturer and card personalization service provider with most production capacity in Thailand. Our capability can satisfy numerous work requirements through one of our international modern production technology in the world. The Company has participated in joint venture for plant construction abroad to support in case of high quantity of work requirements is needed in limited period of time and continuously supporting Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in case of emergency.
The Company’s availability of highly experienced working team has led to the ability of providing proper program development service for each individual’s requirement as well as the integrated quality product and service offer. Today, the company has provided the printing services for various kinds of cards as follows.

1. Smart Card : Contact, Contactless, Dual interface, Hybrid

2. EMV Card, VISA Card, MasterCard Credit Card, Debit Card

3. ATM Card

4. Transportation Card

5. Scratched Off Phone Prepaid Card / Toppped Up Phone Prepaid Card

6. Gift Card

7. Member Card / Loyalty Card

8. Cash Card / E-Purse Card

9. Payment Card

10. Fleet Card

11. Identification Card

12. New Styled Card In-Trend to Market Demand

The Company has been certified by VISA card, MasterCard, JCB and CUP (China Union Pay) to manufacture, credit cards, personalize personal data entry of the card holder both in magnetic stripe and microchip cards. Anti-counterfeiting printed matter manufacturing is integrated with IT systems and various application software has been developed to be suitable for working with modern machineries to generate maximum benefits for customers. In addition, the application program development services have been rendered to be used with your cards such as Loyalty, E-Purse, Membership, Access Control, Biometrics, etc.

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